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It was a shame that the usual meal could not be held at the Larruperz Centre this year but what a fantastic alternative the community managed to pull together it was an extremely successful.  This is thanks to the service offered by Rumbling Tum, they produced something like 109 meals which were delivered on this special day.  Many of the usual Christmas day volunteers turned up to add to the team of volunteers that made sure all the meals were delivered to peoples front door piping hot. 

Not just volunteers from the groups mentioned but also many others offered there services and turned up to make the day a great success.

Thanks to you all it was a pleasure to be part of the day!


First pic is of Gay and her team at Rumbling Tum

Second: Aide from RT and thanks to the efforts of Peter and Joan Martin Green Santa was able to turn up to play a role in ensuring all the meals were sent on there way.

Third; Some Lions made deliveries here there are a couple helping ensure social distance was maintained in the queue to collect meals for delivery.

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